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Buyer beware part II

In last weeks blog I discussed as to what too look for in selecting a legitimate contractor. Here I will describe as too what could happen if you do not conduct research when selecting these individuals.

Over the weekend I received a phone call from a homeowner who had stated she had a roof leak and water had been pouring into her brand new remodeled bathroom during the rains we received from a hurricane. Upon arrival I went in to meet with her in regards to the damage and the whereabouts of the leak in question. I immediately noticed after removing the vent fan in the ceiling that the leak was caused by an improperly installed vent flange. When I got on the roof this is what I found:

If you notice the beveled side of the flange is facing up towards the peak of the roof which is incorrect. Also note the torn shingles below the flange as well. This was done by a guy who supposedly had "several years" of experience in the roofing industry. The next mistake I noticed once I started removing shingles around the flange was incorrect lapping of the shingles in the surrounding area.

If you notice my thumb is placed on the end of the shingle. Now look below and observe the joint where the shingles below is located. When I measured the ends it was only a 2 inch lap. Very insufficient considering most shingle manufacturers require a minimum 6 inches of lap.

Now....after noticing these issues I tored off the surround area of shingles to correct the inproper lap of the shingles and flange.

Here the flange is ready to be reinstalled the correct way. Notice that the shingle above is missing due in part that it has to be placed and nailed after the flange installation.

Now the flange is ready to be nailed and shingle to be trimmed and placed over the back side of the flange.

Here in the final steps after trimming the shingle and installing around the flange notice I have taken additional steps to prevent any leakage by using roofing tar around the flange which can be purchased at your local supply store. Moral of the story!! DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE HIRING THE CHEAPEST BIDDER!! If you have any further questions regarding this post feel free to email us and we will try to respond within 24 to 48 hours.

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